We've had many satisfied customers over the years... the list would, indeed, be huge — Here's a sampling of what some had to say:

"We have tried other wheelbarrows but none of them can hold up and last as long the Cariola does."

Aaron Roy
Rob Roy Nursery & Landscaping Inc.
Perryville MO

"Purchased 6 wheelbarrows in August 2000. No flat tires. No cracked tubs. No broken frames. No downtime whatsoever. You have taken a product that gave us consistent problems and brought it to a new level, a wheelbarrow that works when we need it to."

Mark Baldwin
Mark Baldwin & Associates
Plymouth MI

"Thank you for producing the ultimate wheelbarrow. My guys love it! ...We find the design, durability and overall construction makes it easier to handle and reduces fatigue. We are extremely satisfied with your product. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Todd Pugh
Todd's Enviroscapes Inc.
Louisville OH

"We have been using the 'Cariola Wheelbarrow' since their debut, and my first one is still in use with its original tub. Our metal wheelbarrows used to last two seasons and Cariola's have lasted four. We had to replace one tub when it fell off the truck at 45 mph, but even then it worked hard for a few days with its nose broken off. The heavier tire, one inch axle, sealed bearings and light aluminum frame make it a stronger and more durable unit than other wheelbarrows. Cariola has taken wheelbarrows to the 21st century. Your product is a WINNER!"

John Oostyen
John Oostyen Concrete Finishing
Invermere BC

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